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Comprehensive assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) / injuries.



Promotes natural healing using single-use, sterlie, disposable needles.

Massage / Soft Tissue Work


Specific techniques to treat areas of tension, fatigue, stress and injury.



Assessment of your computer workstation or vehicle, with comprehensive report.

Group Sessions


Interactive and informative MSD avoidance / sport specific workshops for up to 6 participants. 

Musculoskeletal MOT


A comprehensive health check for YOUR most amazing "machine"... the human body!

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)


Bring your body back into BALANCE with this (where appropriate) treatment protocol.

Kinesio-Taping (K-Tape)


Truly effective taping techniques for sport & everyday life injuries / MSDs.


JUST4 Physiotherapy is currently staffed by a highly experienced Physiotherapist, registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.


We are situated in Suite B8 within Strathleven House, a category A-listed country house on the outskirts of Dumbarton, close to the A82 and Lomondgate. The building dates from 1700 and is considered to be the first country house built in Scotland in the Palladian style. Surrounded by scenic woodland, it is part of the Vale of Leven industrial estate and is only 30 minutes from Glasgow by car.


On-site parking, disabled parking and disabled access is available. Appointments are available before, during and after work hours.

JUST4 Physiotherapy offers treatment for individuals suffering from musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) including sprains, strains and broken bones, whether sustained from work, sporting activities, leisure pursuits, pre or post-surgery conditions or just through the stresses and strains of daily life.


In addition to tailored treatment for individuals suffering from common conditions; we also offer proactive, preventative interventions such as the Musculoskeletal MOT, ergonomic (computer workstation and vehicle) assessments and MSD Avoidance Workshops.


All of our services are available to individual members of the public or employers looking to prevent or reduce employee absence due to MSDs.

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Health & Care Professions Council

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Shona McNab

M.App.Sci, BSc, MCSP, HCPC Reg


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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

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"I suffered with extreme bilateral knee pain for many years but after just one assessment, Shona set me on the right track and I now have 2 brand new, STRAIGHT, fully functioning knees. Thanks for all your help and spot-on advice"

Steve Laverick, Durham

"I have known Shona for many years & she has always been extremely professional and, most importantly, relieved my pain quickly! In particular, I have found acupuncture for my neck problem very beneficial. Wishing you all the best with your own clinic Shona... it's about time you made your skills more widely available xx"

Mrs J. Swanson, Clydebank

"Had a session of KCR (Kenetic Chain Release) wow what a difference. To feel straight and in balance again is brilliant. After an agonising year where everyday tasks became painful, tiring chores, I so look forward to feeling pain free and normal again. I need to keep reminding myself that I can be straight now when doing things. Now realising how awkward the movements I had adopted to protect against the pain caused by an uneven pelvis and how badly it was affecting the rest of the body. Can't wait to get back horse riding again and see what my horse thinks of having a balanced, more effective rider. Shona was lovely and explained everything at a level I could understand and was more than happy to answer my endless questions. Will definately be returning for more sessions in the future."

Sarah Wallace, Balloch

"Amazing physio today with Shona. Got more help in one session than what I have had over 4 years from the NHS. I suffer from insertional achilles tendonitis and learned lots about it today thanks to a relaxed and informal discussion. Highly recommend Just4 Physiotherapy and I am looking forward to my next session."

Margaret McInnes, Clydebank

"ooooo what can i say KCR is BRILLIANT and Shona is FANTASTIC. I feel like a new woman today. I can't recommend both highly enough. If you have a skeletal problem please think about KCR it is so much better than just physio (in my humble opinion) I WILL BE BACK Shona. Thanks so much!!."

Elaine Wilson, Blanefield

"Having suffered from neck, shoulder and arm pain for a very considerable time and unable to sleep properly I attended assessment appointment with Shona and could not believe how encouraging and supportive she was throughout the initial assessment reassuring me that she could assist with the pain. I have now completed 2 sessions and sleeping like a baby and able to move head, neck and shoulders with no pain whatsoever. Cannot recommend highly enough, brilliant professional service."

Jane Partland, Paisley

"Very knowledgeable and experienced, empathic to your aches and pains, but most of all, effective in resolving them. Shona is very much a hands on physio who explains what she is doing and why it should solve your problems. Her program of massage and exercises has been fundamental in helping my recovery from a revision hip operation. I am very happy to recommend Shona."

MS, Alexandria

"Speaking as a Physiotherapist myself, I can't rate Just4 Physiotherapy highly enough. Excellent assessment of the cause of your pain, treatment of your symptoms and long-term control of your condition. The icing on the cake is Shona's professional yet friendly manner."

Maureen Conway MCSP, Milngavie

"Can highly recommend Shona for anyone needing physio! Sorted out James and his calf issues in one session x."

Karin McGurran, Paisley

"I am a runner, mainly running on trails and take part in various events including ultra marathons. I injured my calf, funnily enough not while running and knew immediately and in the few days following, that this was a significant injury that I needed help with. After a few days I decided to look for a physiotherapist and found Shona and Just4 Physiotherapy via Google, trying to find a local practice. I read the stuff on the website and the reviews, including one from a physiotherapist and decided to make an appointment. I initially left a message on ansaphone and Shona phoned me back, took some initial details and arranged a quick appointment.

The premises are in a lovely old manor house, easy to get to and there is plenty of parking. The room used is bright and colourful with all the equipment required. It feels more 'sporty' than 'medical.'

Shona has a nice personal manner but is very switched on, knowlegable and professional. I was asked to bring my running shoes so that she could examine them and she did at length.

After the verbal history I was examined and my movements observed. Various parts of my anatomy were examined and checked long before getting to the sore bit. So a very holistic approach and then Shona arrived at her conclusions as to my injury and the initial treatment consisted of stretches, strengthening exercises, gentle massage and ultrasound treatment.

I was shown a range of exercises and stretches which were also sent to me by email.

I could not be happier with my treatment and Shona's manner and professionalism and I recommend her totally and am pleased that I have entrusted her with my recovery. My injury may turn out to be a blessing in disguise because I am sure that I will be a stronger runner afterwards."

Matt Gemmell, Balloch

"I have recently completed a course of treatment with Shona McNab at JUST4 Physiotherapy. I was suffering from a Repetitive Strain Injury to my hand and a pulled muscle back injury.  To say I am delighted at the outcome of the treatment which I received is an understatement.  Also the home exercises I was advised to do have worked wonders. 5* treatment Shona. With thanks."

Margaret Smith (Senior Citizen), Alexandria

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"Last week I was in the middle of recording the new series of 'Two Doors Down' on location in Dumbarton, when, for no apparent reason, my lower back went into agonising spasm. Immediately, the production office booked me in for an emergency physio session at JUST4 Physiotherapy. As I made my way slowly up the front steps, a wee lady about the same age as myself was on her way out. She must have noticed the look of pain on my face, because as she passed me she grasped my arm and said 'Shona's awfy good son - you'll be alright wi' her...' How right she was, in just two sessions Shona had taken my pain level from around nine on the Richter scale, to almost zero - something I wouldn't have believed possible.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Shona's practice to anyone who finds themselves suffering unnecessarily. To repeat what the wee lady I met on the way in said - Shona's awfy good, you'll be alright with her..."

Alex Norton, Scottish Actor / Writer (AKA: DCI Burke - Taggart)

"After months of intense pain and waiting endlessly for a NHS appointment, I searched and found this amazing physio. Each and every session has produced real and lasting results. I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. A truly wonderful, first class service with a genuine patient/person-centred approach. Great value, great treatment room and a wonderful woman. Thanks Shona."

Danny McLaughlin, Dumbarton

"I've been struggling with what I thought was a hamstring strain and lower back pain for the last couple of weeks but one session with Shona yesterday, got to what the real problem was. It was neither of the above but it was muscle pressure on my sciatic nerve. She spent an hour or so working it free and I feel completely fine for the first time in ages. If anyone is looking for an outstanding physio in the West Dunbartonshire area, give her a shout - she's based at Strathleven House."

Newton Keenan, Dumbarton

"Exceptionally good physio. Shona spends the time to diagnose the cause of issues, not just treat the symptoms. I've been to many physios before, both NHS and private, and Shona stands out as being the most competent, knowledgeable, engaged and enthusiastic. There are plenty of physios local to us, instead I choose to drive 30 min each way to see Shona, and it is so worth it. Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed."

Jen Dargue, Bridge of Weir

"Fantastic physio! Worked on Louis' ankle and gave us some great advice."

Linda Page, Helensburgh

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Finisherpix2016 - DUBLIN MARATHON

"Thought you'd like to see the results of your expertise... 18 weeks after I injured my calf and 15 after I aggravated it. Glen Ogle 33 Ultra marathon today... 33 hilly miles and feeling good. Can't thank you enough"

Matt Gemmell, Balloch

"A huge thanks to Shona McNab for working her magic on me yet again!! I was really struggling with lower back and leg pain from way too much running. One session today and the running shoes will be back on tomorrow morning!!!"

  > First consultation is £45 and from there £35 but Shona is worth every penny. I've seen loads of people over the years and no one comes anywhere near her.

Newton Keenan, Dumbarton

"Shona - can't thank you enough for seeing me today. I've went from wanting to climb the walls in pain to a semi-nice person again! 😂😂 Fantastic ye are!xx"

Laura Gilfillan, Yoker

"Shona is top of the business. She knows her stuff, diagnoses the problem and uses her advanced practitioner skills to treat her patients professionally, competently and in a patient-centred way. It goes without saying... you wouldn't and shouldn't go anywhere else."

Michele Mackintosh, (Health Care Professional) Cardross

"I previously submitted a review of how Shona treated me as a runner when I tore a calf muscle last year. I was very impressed with all aspects of my treatment. I have since gone on to continue my training and I have completed a number of endurance running events including ultra marathons and mountain runs. Recently I realised that I was doing so much mileage that an MOT would be a good idea, even though I was not injured. I hoped it would confirm everything was in balance and nothing was likely to lead to an overuse injury in the future. 
I had a Musculoskeletal MOT with Shona McNab at JUST4 Physiotherapy yesterday and it was money well spent. I was in for a long time and Shona invested time to allow a full and comprehensive examination literally from top to toe. I was taken through a range of tests and movements and Shona took copious notes throughout. A couple of minor issues emerged and Shona treated them as she went. The process would be the kind of thing that elite athletes do and I am certainly not elite if even an athlete but it will stand me in good stead as I continue my fairly demanding training. Shona was very professional but friendly and humorous and although I was 'poked, prodded and pulled' it was a very pleasant experience.
I left with a copy of Shonas notes and then she forwarded me a series of exercises and stretches to address the things she had identified, some of which I had been unaware of.
I can thoroughly recommend Shona as a physio and would say to anyone that a Musculoskeletal MOT is well worth considering and is an absolute bargain at the price. You MOT your car, you probably get your central heating boiler serviced, along with a variety of other things. Why not get a service on the most complicated but fantastic thing that you possess - YOU !

Matt Gemmell, Balloch

Jayne Savva, Dumbarton

"If you get an injury which may need physiotherapy, you should absolutely call Shona. She was quick to respond to my call and to see me. She really knows her craft & took superb care of me at every stage. 3 sessions later I went from hospital bed to crutches and then quickly back fit for work. As a self employed individual, this recovery was pretty important to me and my customers.

If you're injured, seeing Shona quickly will be one of the best decisions you will make. I can't thank you enough Shona!.

Clive Rumbold, Inverary

Got a shoulder injury and went to Shona. I must say I was very impressed with the attention and treatment that I received from her. Lovely person to speak to and takes the time with you. Best physiotherapist I have been to. Would highly recommend her.

Margaret Dillon, Dumbarton

I visit Shona regularly and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Shona has all your needs covered when it comes to what your body needs. Thanks Shona. Claire x

Claire McKinley, Dumbarton

I have been attending Shona for the best part of a year now. I have played sports and did the gym for most of my life. I picked up a groin injury in May 2017. Shona has worked on this injury every week since mid June, give or take a session. I attended my doctor and have been seen by two consultants with no joy. I am on the waiting list for a bone scan. However, in march this year no groin or bone pain - thank God. Did not think I would have seen the day with no groin/bone pain. Without the work from Shona, I am not sure where I would be with this injury. Shona's work on the Psoas, adductor and hamstring muscles has been the reason I am back at the gym. Some of these session I have hit the roof in pain, but it's worth it. My first session I said to Shona: "I'm going to end up falling asleep here" needless to say Shona burst out laughing lol. I will continue to use Shona on a regular basis and already found some new things to work on with being back at the gym lol. I would recommend Shona as professional and very knowledgeable in her field. Two people in my work have attended Shona's clinic on my recommendation. Thanks David

David Thomson, Vale of Leven

I have been suffering from a back issue for over 10 years...been to many physio and chiropractor and also on very strong pain relief medication. I thought I would have one more stab at this and found Shona, I look forward to our sessions. For the first time in years, I feel my back is a little better, which is only after 3 sessions! So don't just read this review, get booked in to start your recovery journey... mine is going great.

Sam Miller, Dumbarton

Shona you are fab. Had an old injury flare up, Shona sorted me out in just two visits along with an exercise programme to keep me injury free. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Jane Twigg

Jane Twigg, Dumbarton

Within a few minutes of my first appointment with Shona I knew that I was in safe hands. She has a lovely manner that puts you instantly at ease and is very professional. By the time that I made my first visit to her I was in extreme pain having been through a year and a half of the NHS system with no diagnosis or treatment. I had been assessed by a physiotherapist and two specialist physiotherapists as well as having two MRI's, at the end of which they still hadn't discovered what was wrong and I was discharged with the offer of a referral to a pain clinic. I knew that something was wrong so I decided to try a private physiotherapist and I am so glad that I found Shona. During my initial appointment she really listened to me and seemed to immediately understand the symptoms that I had been experiencing and she conducted a very thorough assessment. She quickly identified that I had a twisted pelvis and this was the cause of the pain, muscle spasms, numbness, pins & needles etc that I had been suffering from. Even after my first visit there was a massive difference. Some of the pain had totally disappeared never to return. After a few more sessions I was entirely pain free which was just absolutely amazing. A wonderful unexpected bonus to my visits was the additional benefits to my health as a result of the KCR that I was given as part of my treatment. As someone who has M.E. this has helped me immensely, my fatigue decreased massively and I had much more energy, the best I have felt in around 20 years. I continue to see Shona for top-ups of KCR and I can honestly say that the treatment that I received from her has transformed my life. I dread to think of the condition I would now be in without her help. I would highly recommend her services.

Julie Houston, Dumbarton

As a Physiotherapist myself and Pilates Instructor, I always check out the credentials of therapies I recommend to my clients. 
One of my Pilates clients first told me about Shona, I checked her website out, and very quickly saw how well qualified she is and quickly realised I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to Shona. 
I experienced Shona's clinical expertise myself earlier this year with a shoulder problem; she is excellent, and immediately set me at ease with her clinical judgement and, at the same time, her understanding and compassion of the pain and problems I was going through. 
I regularly give out her cards to my Pilates clients and friends, although it's always in the back of my mind that maybe I won't be able to get a follow up appointment myself with her! 😀

Lynne MacDougall, Balloch

Danielle Gordon, GORDAN'S TENNIS


"Just had a brilliant session with Shona. I've had a four day headache and neck pain which was really painful but also worrying. Shona took time to explain what was causing the pain in my neck, back and head while she worked. I left with no headache and techniques to use at home to alleviate headache if it happens again."



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*PLEASE NOTE: If we do not answer when you call this number, PLEASE LEAVE A VOICEMAIL MESSAGE. We are likely in clinic tending to current patients. We will return your voice message ASAP!

Please also note - Due to COVID - The clinic is extremely busy. we will attempt to get back to you ASAP but please accept our apologies if this takes a few days.

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PLEASE NOTE: The *rating below relates to Strathleven House as a venue, not to JUST4 Physiotherapy services!

The best way i can describe Shona is a miracle worker!! After one session with her i was off my crutches, and by the time I got to a third, my achilles had already healed enough for me to be discharged!! A lovelier, more knowledgeable physio I couldn't have found, can't recommend Just4 enough