Musculoskeletal (MSK) MOT
Full Assessment (60-90 min)   £110 (other fees may apply)  

There is no other "machine" that is more exceptional that the Human Body!


Think about it.... Do you have an annual service plan (or extended warranty) for your washing machine, your tumble dryer, your laptop/PC/iPad (or other tablet)? You will certainly have to put your car through an annual MOT (if it is beyond 3 years old). Have you invested the same care in the most amazing "machine" on the planet, that you own.... YOUR BODY!!??


JUST4 Physiotherapy is proud to offer YOU the opportunity to receive a Musculoskeletal (MSK) MOT. This is an assessment that covers all MSK areas of the body, to identify potential problems and address them BEFORE they become an issue that results in pain, movement disorder, or absence from work / difficulty with sporting, leisure or home-life activities.



This service is available to individuals and employers! If you own a small business in West Dunbartonshire.... and are interested in this service.... Please phone 07736 469165 to find out how we can assist you to assess, promote and maintain YOUR MSK HEALTH or that of your workforce.