Ergonomic Assessment
Full Assessment (60 - 90 min) PLUS Report  £240  

Do you work with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) or Drive for a living?


Many people think that because their job is not manual / heavy they are not at risk of developing a MSD (musculoskeletal disorder). But, think again. The human body is designed for movement. Activities (work or leisure-related) that result in the body being static for prolonged periods of time, such as working/gaming at a computer workstation or driving long miles predispose the body to stresses and strains associated with being STATIC.


JUST4 Physiotherapy provides Ergonomic Assessments of DSE Workstations & Vehicles. These assessments cover all aspects of DSE / vehicle use, including ergonomic set-up of workstation peripherals / vehicle cabin to identify potential problems and address them BEFORE they become an issue that results in pain, movement disorder, or absence from work / difficulty with sporting, leisure or home-life activities.

Download JUST4 Physiotherapy's Driving FAQ Sheet using this link