Initial appointment & Review Appointments (30 - 60 min)  £60 (product fee applies)  

Sports Massage

A deep tissue massage that uses specific techniques to treat areas of tension, fatigue, stress and injury. Ideal for active sports people who find regular treatments an aid to maintaining fitness. This form of massage is also beneficial for less active individuals who may be suffering from general aches and pains.


Acupressure Massage

Based on ancient Eastern massage techniques/meridian theory, this treatment uses a combination of localised deep (ischaemic) pressure over acupuncture / trigger points and traditional massage. Designed to rebalance the body leaving you relaxed and refreshed, but still alert.


Deep Transverse Friction Massage (DTFM)

Directed specifically at injured tissues in the recovery stage, where new fibres of tissue are being laid down to repair the injury. DTFM is used to ensure correct orientation of new fibre deposit. This means that these new fibres appropriately resist the stresses and strains that area of the body is subjected to, on a normal daily basis.