Kinesio-Taping (K-Tape)
Initial appointment & Review Appointments (30 - 60 min)  £60 (product fee applies)  

Have you recently seen phenomenal achievements by the Team GB Olympic & Paralympic athletes with K-Tape on various parts of their bodies?


Have you ever wondered "What is THAT all about?...  Is it just a 'pretty' design, to look good"??

No Way!... 


Kinesio-taping is another tool in the appropriately trained neuro-MSK physiotherapists' arsenal of treatment methods/options to help YOU recover from your neuro-musculoskeletal disorder (NMSD). These taping methods, if appropriately applied, can assist with:


  1. Inhibition: of overactive/hypertonic muscles;

  2. Facilitation: of weak/hypotonic/neurologically impaired muscles;

  3. Space Correction: easing the burden/tissue weight on fascia & other tissues / vessels / receptors below the skin;

  4. Mechanical Correction: placing tissues and/or joints in the correct mechanical alignment;

  5. Lymphatic Drainage: aligning tissues correctly/appropriately to promote natural (body) fluid movement, which, in-turn assists with absorption of bruising/swelling...

Shona McNab is trained in KT1 (Foundation) and KT2 (Advanced) Kinesio-taping techniques!